Friday 18 May 2007

A very good place to start...

How it all began....
I thought that I should back track a bit to give you all the full story of our Irish move. In June 2006 Malcolm organised a surprise trip to Dublin and London for the two of us. It was our first REAL grown up holiday as Malcolm's folks had very kindly agreed to look after Jessica and Kirstin for the 10 days we would be away. Needless to say we fell in love with the Emerald Isle, of course it was summer, the sun was shining AND we were on a holiday!!! I am dimly aware (ha ha) that winter is cold and it rains.....ALOT. I am sure that I will be aching for the sunny blue skies of Africa on some days.
Anyway, we had been contemplating leaving S.A for a very long time, since we moved back here from New York in December 2002 to be precise!!! The holiday was our final break through, we finally made the decision to get ourselves back into the Northern Hemisphere...winter Christmas yippee!!!!
In January 2007 we made our first GINORMOUS step and put our house on the market. We signed up with Private Property and I must say it was really weird hammering our For Sale sign onto our pavement. The great thing about Private property (P.P. from now on)is NO commission and we needed every Rand we could get. Unfortunately the service from P.P was dismal, they did get us onto the website quickly and the buck stopped there so to speak. We did not get into their nationwide monthly book as promised and our first show day had 4 people, huge disappointment!!!! Well more bad service, would take up too much space and time so we won't go tehre and then we got a call from David. He had seen our house on the PP website (hooray) and came to have a look. On 7 May we received a clean offer and decided to accept as time was running out!!!

Thursday 10 May 2007

A rolling stone gathers no moss

When I sent a farewell message from our home PC I provided the link to this site which has been pretty boring up to now. I hope to make things a bit more exciting as we go but I'm afriad you will have to bear with me. Actually, I was hoping the kids with get caught up in this and take over but I guess as they don't have a PC anymore that won't happen.
Couple of significant milestones - our sentimental things have been packed and are in a container awaiting shipment; we have accepted an offer on our house; Nala has moved to her new home (so far only good reports) and I will be flying to Dublin on the 16th of May and hope to arrange a number of interviews. Will be staying with Derrick, Rose & Emily until the 30th.
Wish me luck