Thursday 10 May 2007

A rolling stone gathers no moss

When I sent a farewell message from our home PC I provided the link to this site which has been pretty boring up to now. I hope to make things a bit more exciting as we go but I'm afriad you will have to bear with me. Actually, I was hoping the kids with get caught up in this and take over but I guess as they don't have a PC anymore that won't happen.
Couple of significant milestones - our sentimental things have been packed and are in a container awaiting shipment; we have accepted an offer on our house; Nala has moved to her new home (so far only good reports) and I will be flying to Dublin on the 16th of May and hope to arrange a number of interviews. Will be staying with Derrick, Rose & Emily until the 30th.
Wish me luck

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