Sunday 9 September 2007

Cork....Part 2

Saturday dawned bright and sunny again, we really did have a lot of luck with the weather! Isabella wanted to go into Cork to do some shopping and we decided to tag along because the visit to the Italian grocery shop was too much for me to resist.
We went to Brown Thomas and browsed around for a little while and then walked the streets and stopped in at a home made soap shop called Lush. They have some very interesting scents for their soaps and bath goodies. Chocolate was probably my favourite and then they had these jelly cups which had pina colada smelling shower soap (jelly) in them, pretty funky stuff! After that we took the long windy route out of the car park and set off towards home and the Italian shop. I bought lots of pasta, biscuits, risotto and some roasted tomatoes and spicy sausage which I thought would make a great pasta salad for our braai which we were going to have that evening. Oh and Italian hot chocolate, now apparently the Italians call our hot chocolate "muddy water"and after Isabella made the girls a hot chocolate we all understood, it really is....muddy water! Their version is a thick pudding style hot chocolate and the girls went mad for it and begged me to buy it. Then it was back to Kinsale for a few purchases and home for lunch. Isabella prepared us a simple but DIVINE lunch of bruschetta, rubbed with garlic and then topped with tomato and basil.......and some with mozzarella. After lunch we went for a walk along the narrow country roads, not that much room for walking...and cars! Then the kids could not resist playing in the mud when they saw that the tide was out and we sat and had a drink and I made salads and Pat got the braai ready.

We had rashers in honour of all our African mates, here they are called pork ribs...but we all know that they really are rashers! Of course we did the typical African braai, about 3 types of meat and plenty left over at the end! After dinner we all sat around the dining room table chatting until we could not keep our eyes open anymore and then crawled off to bed.


Just Joni said...

Enjoyed the pictures throughout your blog, especially the beautiful countryside. Thank you for sharing with those of us who will probably never make it to Ireland!

TheRuleClan said...

You never know....I have been to places I would never have dreamed of being lucky enough to go to!