Thursday 8 January 2009


The word strikes fear into my heart. I have enjoyed earning and SPENDING my money without much though these past few months. Of course there is a recession so tonight we sat down with a piece of paper and did a budget. Gulp. We get to save a lot of money every really it's true. The problem with saving all that money is that I cannot go off and happily spend money on the sales without much thought...but I cannot wait to see that bank balance rise so I guess save it will be. Anyway it is only a 6 month plan for now, even the kids are on board and they will receive a monthly allowance which they need to use for clothes, toiletries and socialising...right now they think it is awesome, let us see what they think in two months time!!! Growing


Lizle said...

... money, money, money, in a rich man's world ... (hum)

Natalie said...

LOL...should have made that my Friday song!