Tuesday 4 August 2009

Eureka! Ikea.

Armed with bottles of mixed cordial, CD's and the promise of lots to look at, the girls and I made our way along the M50 to the new Ikea in Ballymum. We were happy enough to wait in the long queues to get into the car park, in fact we had decided that it would be part of the whole experience, and at least I knew I would not get 'Are we there yet?' because they would actually be looking at Ikea while stuck in the car!
The amount of QT we ended up getting would make speed dating on telly look slow, it took us a horrifyingly quick 10 minutes before we were in a parking space slamming the doors. Oh well.
The store is massive, I heard on the radio that it is either the size or Croke Park..or twice the size, considering 80 000 people fit into Croke to watch Bono and the gang...that makes Ikea rather humongous.
We meandered around upstairs in the show area - they even have a 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartment fully kitted out in Ikea, pretty cool.
Lunch was a mere recession busting €10.70 although admittedly the order was 3 fries, smoked salmon, brown bread, 2 juices and a coffee (free refills on drinks) but still!!!!
All in all it was a great day out and we will definitely be going back for mattresses (if my Internet research can unearth some good feedback), book cases and anything else we might need in the near future, oh and maybe, just maybe LUNCH!


Melanie said...

good on you for braving Ikea..... definately my worst nightmare going there - my legs get tired and my feet hurt - it is WAY too big (but lunch is always fun)

Tracy said...

Hey, have you disappeared off the face of the earth? I am getting withdrawl symptoms here....... :-)

Lizle said...

Tracy, me too - Lizle

Anonymous said...

Me fella went there with a hangover THE DAY it opened, and loved every second of it. He came home with a forest of stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere, but it kept him out of trouble I suppose.

Apparently the Ballymun Ikea is the second most expensive branch in the world!!! There's one in Finland that took the prize cigar.

Still, beats Argos.