Wednesday 18 July 2007

Mall rats

Malcolm has an interview! He left a couple of suits here after his last trip so he was not too worried until he couldn't find his shoes! He puzzled over this for a while, backtracking in his mind as to were he may have packed them. Ahhhhhh in the UNACCOMPANIED luggage, the luggage that has not arrived in Dublin yet!!!
Well now, a trip to the Dundrum mall is a necessity, much to Jessica's glee. Luckily it is very close and it was raining too, so a perfect day for indoor shopping! We found the mall very easily and went underground to park, same set up as in S.A. with a boom to get your ticket etc. The likeness stopped there, I have never ever in my life seen such a beautiful car park! Well lit, brightly painted, no really it is unbelievable, AND there are electronic signs telling you how many parking spaces are available on each level!!!! Not only each level we soon discovered, but each ROW!!! There is a light above each car park space and it is green when empty, turning red when you take the space! The mall was also super, similar to Cresta, but obviously more interesting for us with all the different types of shops. I think Jessica could have spent an entire day there, our very own little mall rat.

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