Friday 20 July 2007

Where should we hang our hats?

I have to say that I was rather blase about finding a rental in Dublin. Having spent alot of time cruising a few property websites, mainly daft and my home to let, quietly confident would be a very modest phrase for my attitude to renting. My mornings were spent cruising the sites, making lists of possibilities, calling the agents for appointments only to discover that most of the places we could afford we did not want to live in! We took to checking out the place a day before the agent was taking us to view and cancelled a few appointments without even going inside. Then we found Booterstown Hall, it was only 2 bedrooms but both were double and the open plan lounge/dining room was refreshingly large with a wall of windows overlooking the sea and harbour. It was also very close to Jessica's school and our only negatives where 2 bedrooms and a busy road. We had found home. We decided to continue looking for a couple of days and the more we looked, the more we knew that Booterstown Hall would be our new address. I called the agent, Marjorie and she said that it was still available and she would be happy for us to sign a lease, but she was in the process of seeing a house that she thought we might like as it had 3 bedrooms. We decided to have one last look before signing our lease and set off on a wet Friday morning sans kids, Jessica was not feeling well at all ,so Kirstin volunteered to stay home with her. We were a little early so we drove around the neighbourhood which looks very neat and tidy, and had a look at the "latest possibility", our meeting point. It was okay, a small garden in the front but no grass just pebbles and a path. Marjorie arrived and took us through the house, a nice size lounge with glass doors leading into a large open plan dining room and beautiful kitchen, downstairs shower and toilet with wood laminate flooring throughout. Glass doors from the dining room open out to a little garden, again no grass, it is actually a parking space for the car with a bit of space for a bench and a Weber, I can see lots of pots overflowing with herbs and flowers.... Up the stairs to 3 bedrooms (one single, 2 double) all with lovely built in cupboards 2 bathrooms and a fantastic attic room, a place where the kids can chill and do homework or hang out with friends. We said we would take it, but we have not signed a lease yet so I do not want to get too excited, Marjorie has said that it is ours but I like it so much I would rather be cautious for now! This is where we would like to hang our hats!

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