Wednesday 6 May 2009

Black Pool here I come AGAIN

Wow I cannot believe a year has passed me by and I am off to Black Pool for the hockey tournament. This year the dinner on Saturday night is Eastern Promise - our outfits are...actually you can see the pictures when I get back!
It has been a manic week, Monday being a public holiday has thrown me off a bit and I found myself madly grocery shopping and getting bits for tour on Tuesday night.
Wednesday night (tonight) we proudly watched as Jess was presented with her award for Artist of the year 2009 at her school.
Tomorrow night we will be looking for a school in East Glendalough to enjoy seeing our youngest in action on stage and then somewhere in between I need to pack -WHY am I blogging? I have to go and pack!!!! Sorry folks but airport at 09h45 on Friday so adios!!!


Rose said...

Hope you have loads of fun!

Tracy said...

Hope you have a fantaastic week end and can't wait to see the photies!!

Well done Jessica!! Very proud of you sweetie pie!!

Love you lots

Skyara said...

Wow another year has come and gone. ENJOY

Celticmom said...

Good Luck for the tour :-) I visites Glendalough many years ago with my cousin and it was stunning.

Natalie said...

Thank you all, it was fab, Tracy lots of photo's on FB!!!