Wednesday 21 October 2009

Sweet and Sour

Sitting in my car at the traffic lights, and notice that through the darkened window of the BMW x5 in front of me little hands are waving. Of course who can resist waving back at friendly children and so I smile and wave, not that I can see much but the small hands through the windows! Next thing there is a notebook but I can't read it, I use the international sign language for 'I can't see what that says' and the notebook is shoved against the window with the word SWEET in big bold letters and it hits me. The game my children used to play when they were little, if the driver smiled and waved they were sweet....and yes a grumpy unmoving person was sour! Wow time sure does fly, now my children are as tall as me, gone are the little hands and rosy cheeks peeping up from the back seat. SOB!!!


Tracy said...

I know the feeling!!! Miss those gorgeous podgy little hands . . they are morphing into beautiful elegant ones and just as special

Melanie said...

So glad you are back - a whole new chapter in your life is starting and those were your welcome waves!

Mandabelles said...

Great to have you back Nats.. Carpe Diem (et momento!)