Friday 11 April 2008

A lick and a promise

I have not heard that saying in years and it just popped into my head when I was surveying my house cleaning efforts today. Could have done more but I will get by and when Rose popped in for tea I could sit her in the lounge without removing all manner of things from sofas and floor.

So the "anniversary" of my second born's birth arrived and in true Kirstin style we got to spend the day at home. We were supposed to go into town, have breakfast at Lemon and then do a horse and carriage ride from Stephen's Green but alas the weather would not cooperate. As it is the day of "anything your heart desires" as long as it does not entail the loss of too much cash we turned to Kirstin for plan B. And so it was that I found myself in front of the stove making crepes with bananas, Nutella and marshmallows....FOR BREAKFAST. Kirstin also decided that she wanted to stay home (yay!) so we spent the morning obeying her command. Derrick, Rose and Emily arrived for tea with Kathy hot on their heels.
Malcolm was getting back from the USA and I could not get hold of him, the weather was revolting and I had heard that some flights had been grounded in London so things were not looking too good. he was due to land at 14h00 so when I had not heard from him by 16h00 I was ever so mildly worried. This was assuaged shortly thereafter with a call to pick him up outside a pub in Stillorgan. So I left everyone to their own devices, coffee, tea and cake provided and went dashing off to fetch the father of my offspring. Dinner was a piece of cake - ha ha - Kirstin has a standing order for macaroni cheese on her birthday so it was easy as pie (sorry) to whip up (oops sorry again), helped along by a packet of M&S ready cooked crispy streaky bacon, one of our finest discoveries in Ireland thus far ;) Bacon without the splatter is a big + in my book, although if it is a big breakfast fry up the splatter of bacon is still a necessity.
12th birthday done and dusted, holy schmoly my BABY is 12...


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday - I want one of those - especially the breakfast part :-)