Wednesday 2 April 2008

A letter from home that made me laugh...

Yes I have permission from the authour to publish, I decided that as she is battling to comment on my blog and would like to I would give her a whole post!!! Also I love the way her mind works and the things she says.

Hello Nats.

First of all, in case you read this tomorrow - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you have an awesome day and get very spoilt.
I assume your husband is back in the country??????? If this is not the case he will have to be bringing you a LARGE gift. (hopefully not rotting fish).

All ok on this end. Missing you like crazy. I am reading your blog which helps. You are such a scream, makes me miss you even more. I tried to add some comments but it refuses to let me. I keep forgetting to ask Dave to have a look.
We are having Irish weather at the moment. Trying to get washing dry is a nightmare and most things are not suitable for the dryer. I know this from experience - Dave's jeans are all a tad short thanks to me.
Glad you survived Easter. I on the other hand did not. The worst thing is that I don’t even particularly like chocolate, however...... PMS and Easter are not a great combo. I ate all my chocks and consumed most of the kids. I keep telling myself I want to be kind and save them from all the cavities' My butt however is in disagreement and has increased a few sizes. Things are now back to "normal" and the only sugar I take in is every night from all the wine. Sorry. Not gonna give that up, I would rather have my jaw wired. I am not saying I am and alcoholic, just that as long as I am Matt's mother the vat of Drostdy Hof (wine) is my best friend. (Yes we are trying to stick to our budget - I bought so many bottles of Tall Horse (wine again) I could have started my own game farm).

I still love the little darling............... most of the time and Hannah is still as sweet as honey. Shame she does try and get cheeky and rebellious at times - does not get it right though. She is still afraid of "the death stare" long may it last.

YES!!!!! we are still wanting to move to Auckland. Dave will start actively looking from July. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will not have millions in the bank when we leave and will most probably have to live on bake beans for a year. However we are STILL looking forward to our adventure. I do keep praying that a company will want to pay all our relocation costs........ but I am a realist. Don’t suppose you know anyone over there with a large home?????

OOOHH did get 4 numbers in the lotto this weekend. OK it is probably about R200 but hey it’s a start. That million could be round the corner.

The kids are starting to demand their tea and biscuits so I had better go.

Send us some pictures when you can. I will do the same (just that most of mine land up on Facebook.)

Give the girls a big hug and say howdy to MAC-A-LUM for us

Lots of love

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