Thursday 27 March 2008

Wash day blues

So I see Kirstin's pink jacket, pale pink I might add...not the best colour for an outer garment for the youngest of my genes, and it needs a wash. For once it is actually hanging on its coat hook which is rather impressive. I gather a load of light coloured washing from upstairs and happily set up the load. Kirstin is propped up on the couch, leg resting on an ottoman, crutches by her side, she is not going anywhere so I seize the opportunity, knowing that the jacket will not be required for a while.
After the load is done I set about hanging everything up and discover that Kirstin has something in her pocket, in the old days it was always full of pebbles, stones and such, but this feels like keys. I unzip the pocket and my hand brings out a freshly laundered IPod Nano. Have you ever done such an expensive load of laundry? It is actually worse than expensive, Kirstin bought the IPod from me, I paid E80 for it at a store in Dundrum, a Christmas present mistake for my eldest. When I tried to return it the store refused and so it sat in a cupboard for a while. Kirstin decided to buy it from me and found that it was E45 online, so I sold it to her for that price. Now I have to replace the thing, her jacket was not in the wash so technically it is not her fault but my very, very expensive mistake.

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