Tuesday 25 March 2008


I made it through Easter relatively unscathed. Unfortunately my two little darlings absolutley insisted that I share the Lindt gold bunnies that mysterioulsy appeared in the dishwasher overnight - never ever have I heard whoops of joy from my lasses upon opening the dishwasher to begin the unloading! I was quite restrained, a nibble here and there, and thank goodness they actually obeyed my orders of NOT buying me anything for Easter so it was made a little easier.
I took advantage of a wonderful day yesterday and we went up to Marlay Park for a nice long walk - the ice cream truck cruelly beckoned in the car park afterwards but again we managed to drag ourselves away without a sugary icy treat. After all that I decided that perhaps the scale would be kind and made the fatal mistake of climbing on earlier this evening. I am just not going to believe her, she is lying to me, nasty little piece of work skulking in the corner of the bathroom. Oh and perhaps some more veggie soup and starvation until Thursday....IF I decide to go.

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