Wednesday 19 March 2008


So I got myself a wee little job. No exaggeration there, I will be working from 10 – 2 every Thursday. The money is mediocre but the craic is excellent. I get to play shop keeper, shop keeper. I remember my sister and I saving (recycling) all the old biscuit boxes, washed out tins, shampoo bottles etcetera and setting up shop in the outside room when we were kids, now I get to do it for real.
I am still looking for something more permanent, or even a few other temporary positions but perhaps the flitting about from job to job has not impressed the powers that be very much. In my defence, I have always put being with my kids above work and therefore mostly chose 6 month contract positions, or half day stints. The array of what I have done also may boggle the mind, jack of all trades, master of none is me. I have said before I am a quick learner, and I think I proved it yesterday. I have never worked on a till, okay granted, it is not too difficult, but there are codes and categories that have to be used for different things. I went in for a training session, 10 -2 , dipping my toes in, testing the waters. Only to dive in head first when I discovered that my new boss had terrible tooth ache and had to go to the dentist. Before I could stop myself I had offered to work a full day, which meant cashing up, balancing and locking up shop. The pain must have been severe because I was sent off to get an extra set of keys cut for the shop when I went out to grab a sandwich.
So, day one…deep end, best way to learn how to swim. I think I did bloody well, closed shop at 18h00 and balanced the cash by 18h15, wunderkind me! Of course I had to get out the banking from the day before to see how it was done but it was all pretty straight forward and having dealt with till slips from 4 barmen 3 times a week, at my last job (a year ago), has made me a bit of an old hand.
It is a great way to get me out of the house, the money really is negligible considering I am paid by the hour, but at least I am doing something different!
Walking through Dublin yesterday morning with the sun shining and people all busily on their way to do ‘stuff’ was awesome and then after closing up I walked back through Temple Bar and past lots of restaurants with twinkling candles and happy couples, drooled over a board of breads and antipastos’ at a great looking Italian place and decided that I do need more of this in my life. Hopefully this is the kick up the proverbial….that I have been waiting for, life is passing me by as I sit at home in my pyjamas!


englishmum said...

Wow, I'm dead jealous!! What do you sell, by the way, give me a little hint! x

TheRuleClan said...

Loads of things!!! And it is only once a week...