Wednesday 5 March 2008

1 potato, 2 potato 3 potato BLUE

I was watching the RTE news last week and they had a story on blue potatoes. They have brought some seeds to Ireland from Scotland and have a successful crop which is now availalbe at Superquinn. I bought a pack and baked them the other night. Tasty, very tasty.

These blue beauties (think gentian violet actually) have been sent in to bring back the potato!!! Apparently they are hoping that it will entice the little ones into eating more spuds. Can you think of anything more delightful than a plate of BLUE mash?? Oh yes, that would be blue chips. Funny enough the kids who got to try it thought that they would not like it when they saw blue mashed potato, once they tasted it they did give it the thumbs guess is because it tasted like....potato. Anyway they are supposed to be pretty damn good for you, all that blue/purple colour giving you a nice little injection of those wonderful anti oxidants we are all looking for. This picture may be a bit misleading as the skins really are deep purple in colour.


English Mum said...

Ooohh purdy! I want some... x

TheRuleClan said...

Only at Superquinn, so if you have one nearby off you go now!

English Mum said...

Bah. No Superquinn here. I'll be on the lookout, though. I want to surprise my fellas with blue roasties on Sunday !! x