Thursday 20 March 2008

Looking up

Last night I had hockey practice and it only started at 21h00. I have to take every opportunity to practice my limited hockey skills so of course I am always ready and unwilling to go out in the black of night to chase a ball around a soggy astro turf. Judging by last nights turn out most players are supremely confident in their ability to play and so it was that 7 of us played a game of hockey, thank goodness using the width of the pitch. I was on the 3 person team and we were huffing and puffing like a train running out of steam within 5 minutes. We had an absolute ball (he he)and I even managed to score THREE goals!!! Of course my big feet kept getting in the way and had it been a real game I am quite sure that my team would have been cursing me, and NOT under their breaths! Slowly but surely I am definitely improving though and I did even get my feet out of the way a couple of times. After the game we all went up to the pub and had a drink and a chat which was a fabulous end to the evening. I was also very pleased because Hillary said I must give her a call over the course of the weekend and we can go for a walk and a coffee and I am going to movies with Melissa tomorrow to see Dr Seuss's Who movie. Meriel also said that she works quite close to where I am working, so we will get together for lunch one Thursday. When I got home and told Malcolm about my evening he grumbled that if I think I do not have a social life now, he is not looking forward to the day that I do and I suddenly realised that I am making friends with great people and there is hope for me on my little island!
This morning I caught the luas into work and I bumped into one of the guys who plays for the Vets team and we stood and chatted all the way into Dublin....this really is starting to feel more like home!!!!

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