Friday 11 April 2008

Whale of a day

Phew life is suddenly enormously hectic. My once a week for 4 hour job has turned into 3 days a week and even though 2 of them are half days I still only get home at 3PM. No complaints though, because at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying the interaction with people, and as it is all new there is much to learn. In a couple of months I know I will be bored but this is only part-time so it’s grand.

So rewind time….28 March

The day before Kirstin’s birthday…. In traditional style she got to choose a cake and alas I discovered that she still wanted to turn to my children’s birthday cake books for her choice, she has made some very challenging cake decisions in the past, I have made a horse carousel, a teletubbie cake, with all 4 hand made plastic icing teletubbies lolling about on a hill, a fairy toadstool…I am sure you get the picture and some of you even remember the cakes!
A whale was the choice of the day, sigh of relief, but of course I did not have a big enough tin so I had to downscale the template, luckily it did not require too much skill as it was fairly basic.
Blue icing (Yuk) was called for so a trip to SuperValu was necessary.
When I walked out the door I bumped into my neighbour who insisted I come in for a QUICK coffee. Her grandson is working in South Africa so she loves to chat and over an hour later (no complaints, the cake and the company was excellent) I left only to discover that it was pouring down and I had to change my walk to a drive.
Of course I was now ever so slightly stressed as I had a cake to bake and I had foolishly booked movie tickets too. Luckily Kirstin wanted a chocolate cake (with blue icing mmmm) so I could make Nigellas cake which is THE BEST because you just bung everything in the food processor and whiz. Needless to say I did manage to get the cake done in time and we meandered down to Dundrum to do a bit of shopping before the movie, the kids had bought themselves each a Nintendo DS Lite so they needed games…
We went to see 27 Dresses, a sweet romantic comedy if you have nothing better to do. Then it was home to ice the cake and lots of food colouring was required mmmmm.
More about the big day another day...because I need to do a spot of cleaning today.


Anonymous said...

Good job on the cake- it looks smashing!!!

Isn't this weather freaky? You wouldn't know how many layers to be wearing out there.

TheRuleClan said...

Looks like summer to me ;)
If I keep telling meself that it will happen...surely ? ? ?
Did go out on Wednesday evening without a coat, it just looked so fantastic...until i stood around on the hocket pitch for 10 minutes mmmm

English Mum said...

'meandered down to Dundrum'. Oh, you have NO idea exactly how much I wish I could say that. I'd bloody well pitch a tent in the carpark if I could....

Lubly cake too, you clever bunny xx

TheRuleClan said...

LOL, you can pitch a tent in my back garden and walk!!

Alex Brown said...

Great Job the cake looks yummy!!
Refreshing water witha whale ;)