Monday 8 December 2008


The day started wet and gloomy, but not too cold...swings and roundabouts, clear skies and freezing is my other option and I am still trying to figure whether I prefer to walk with an umbrella or covered in goosebumps and shaking all the way to the luas. Maybe the umbrella, but I dunno because when the sun shines it is so beautiful!
ANYHOO...I got a sad email from Kelly - she has the flu and could not join us for the Tracy Chapman concert and wanted to drop her tickets off with me to try and see if someone could benefit from her misfortune - after some logistical finesse from moi I coordinated a meeting at Harcourt luas stop - having found out which carriage she was on and doing a rush grab and go maneuver so that she could just keep going on her merry way to the comfort of her bed.
Never mind the fact that I am coughing and croaking and sounding very husky...good for dealing with clients on the phone no? Malcolm managed to find a buyer for the goods (still need to give Kelly that bit of good news - she even gets her money back!) and it was pretty awesome because they had tried to book for the concert but could not get tickets (they sold out REALLY fast).
Malcolm and I finally sampled the food at Acapulco - a Mexican restaurant I have been wanting to try for AGES and after dinner we headed around the corner to the Olympia where we had to stand in the freezing cold (umbrella and warmer weather would have been more pleasant at this stage) for about 20 minutes waiting for the doors to open.
The show was meant to start at 19h30 but of course the opening act (forgot his name) but I do not think you will rush out to buy his CD anyway so no worries..shame he was not THAT bad, just not parting with my cash good enough....Okay...rambling again...he started at around 20h15. We listened to him for about 30 minutes and then had to wait AGES before Tracy Chapman came on but oh BOY was it worth the wait!!!
She played some new stuff, old stuff, a few requests - my 2 favourites Fast Car and The Promise (somewhere on my blog) and engaged with the audience a lot, she was funny and shy and amazing.
She seemed genuinely surprised and pleased at the audiences reaction to each song she played, and the people adored her. I LOVED her, Malcolm was blown away - it was way beyond his expectations. She has a cold (same as me!!!!) and still stood there and sang with the most amazing voice and even came back and did an encore...people were going mad. It was also awesome because the venue was small, we were in the standing area so we were SO close to the stage. Even though I was not feeling well, I enjoyed every minute of listening to her...thanks Tracy for a superb evening of vocal genius.


Tracy said...

You are SO SO lucky!! Sounds amazing xxxxx

Natalie said...

It was absolutely outstanding...will definitely go and see her again

Melanie said...

yay! I finally got to sit down and read through all your blogs from way back! Will try and give you a call this weekend.


Natalie said...

Hello!!! Glad to see you are back safe and sound - hope all is well, send our best to Wally and let him know he has been in our thoughts LOTS.