Friday 26 December 2008


I have this burning desire to share my turkey discovery with you all. I made the same turkey last year, mistakes were made, I used too much salt in the brine AND I read somewhere that Nigella Lawson's suggested cooking times were WAY off. My second mistake last year was believing that, but in my defense I went according to the recommended cooking time that Marks & Spenser printed on the label.

This year was different. I soaked the big bird in a bucket - specifically bought for brining the turkey - PROMISE! I decided to use Nigella's cooking guide, put the fate of my bird in her hands so to speak, and cooked the gobbler 2 hours, ignoring the instructions of 3 hours 40 minutes on the M&S bag. I will admit to being a bit nervous but also knew that if worst came to worst we could put it back in the oven or nuke it! Well my turkey was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!!!
I have even got some pictures, he was not the biggest bird I have ever cooked, so fear number two was "Will there be enough???" The answer to that question lies in the tupperware in the fridge, todays sandwich filling! So...head Nigella and her cooking times and you really will be guaranteed a succulent COOKED turkey at Christmas and you will even discover that your guests who don't like turkey will tuck in and enjoy!

Here are some pictures showing the process big bird went through from bucket to table...

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