Saturday 11 August 2007

A good night's rest

Buying duvets and pillows in a foreign country in a hurry…! We have no clue as to what a good brand is, we could be merrily buying cheap quality and not even know it. I wanted to tear my hair out, the selection was poor and we did not know where else to go! The little I did know was not enough! The tog over here is the measure of how warm a duvet is, and I had seen some lovely duvets on the internet, a 2 in 1 scenario where there is a light one for summer a medium duvet for Spring and Autumn and you clip them together for Winter, fantastic! Little problem…where had I seen them?
Pillow talk… a pillow is very important for a good nights’ sleep don’t you think? Here again we had no clue as to what was good, bad or ugly, I did find some down pillows (good) so we bought one each and then got another “it looks nice” pillow (bad or ugly, will let you know) to try as well. We did our best and got duvets and pillows that we thought seemed okay, not a clip together good idea one…just a regular 10.5 tog duvet! My thinking is that if our house is centrally heated so we should not really get too cold…

I did manage to get lovely duvet covers on sale for all of us, so at least one of our 5 senses will be satisfied because our beds really do look great! And please note the heaters in all the rooms!!!!

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