Saturday 11 August 2007

JHB International oops Oliver Tambo!

On our way to the airport on the 14 a call from Karen, she got to the airport to say goodbye before us and was looking for us everywhere! We had decided to get to the airport early so that we could check in all our bags before the rush and to have a drink and say goodbye in a relaxed way. Poor Sabrina had been sick the day and night before but apparently wild horses could not keep her away! Had a heart stopping moment at check in....apparently because the girls were going to Ireland for so long (return ticket for 28 February) they needed a visa on a S.A. passport. Malcolm told the guy that because we both had Irish passports this was not the case and the airport official said that he would have to call the Irish embassy to check. I went so hot and dizzy, after how hard all the goodbyes had been and all the preparation and madness of the final week I could not face doing it all again! Luckily Malcolm was right and after that even the fact that our plane would possibly be delayed was good news!
Watching Sabrina and Kirstin was hard, they sat there with their "fluffies" and I promised myself that I would do my best to help them stay in touch. It is so hard to keep communication going from far away but I will do my best. If their friendship can endure through this monumental move then it truly is a special bond.

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