Wednesday 29 August 2007

Our First Long Car Trip!

It was a very looong trip, the roads in Ireland are a lot slower than in S.A. We elected to take the "scenic"coastal road which was neither more scenic than any other road, nor very coastal! I think we spotted the sea about 3 times on the way, so a long way for no particular reason in the end! I think Ireland is scenic no matter which way you go, patchwork fields abound and little towns with interesting looking pubs pop up fairly often. we stopped for lunch at the Antique Tavern where I had a delicious soup and sandwich, Malcolm had a sandwich and the kids had wraps, all very tasty in a cutesy setting. To get to the toilets we had to duck through the doorways! Appetites satisfied we headed off again towards Waterford, realising as we got closer that we would not actually have time to stop for a look at the crystal factory as we had to be in Kinsale by 18h30. Waterford was so busy anyway, terrible traffic so there was no way we could stop! A little while after Waterford we were compelled to stop on the side of the road to stretch our legs and feed......a LOT of swans! Of course they were very spoilt swans because they got biscuits as we had no bread! So the swans feasted on Fox's, hee hee that really is the brand name of the bikkies they ate! Finally after some very good navigating we found ourselves on the road to Kinsale and discovered that Patrick was not far behind us, so we stopped at a garage in a town called River Stick...I kid you not(!) and waited for our personal escort to show us the way to his home, our final destination!

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