Saturday 11 August 2007

Week ONE

- Malcolm got a job!
- We found a house.
The mind boggles at the speed at which things have happened. Malcolm had an interview set up for Wednesday at 10:00 with Post bank. He thought that the interview went quite well and was told that they would contact him in about a week. Excellent news, and as Malcolm was not in a hurry to start work things were going along swimmingly.
The plan was that he would start work in September, about the same time as the girls went back to school, this way he could have his feet up and enjoy being a man of leisure for a while. Alas this was not meant to be….he got a call back from Post Bank requesting a second interview the following day and was offered the position at that interview….to start on Monday 23 July!
At the same time as all this we were also looking for a place to stay, and believe me it was not all plain sailing, we saw some rubbish! Luckily amongst all this we had found a lovely 2 bedroom apartment in Booterstown, so if all else failed that was our fall back.
Then we saw the place I described in a previous posting and we signed a year lease! So having been in Dublin for a full 4 days Malcolm had found employment and we had a place to call home.

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