Friday 28 November 2008

Nature's paintbrush

I was walking to work earlier this week and the sky was the palest blue, the clouds held a hint of pink and a beautiful silver grey, such SOFT colours. They are such calm, peaceful shades and I marvelled at how different they were to the vivid colours of the South African skies. When the storms come in the clouds can be blue black, the sky is a deep blue and even the hues of the sunset are amazingly bright in their pinks and oranges. We are so lucky to have enjoyed both because they all hold a special beauty and evoke different emotions and feelings.
No matter where you go there will be beauty in the surroundings, whether it be the landscapes, the skies, mountains, weather or people, we just need to open our eyes to the gifts before us.
Okay then nuff said!!!
We have a busy, busy weekend ahead...Don and Maura arrive this evening and I finally get to experience the Irish work Christmas Party in all its glory tonight! Kirstin is also having a friend to sleep over on Saturday so the Rule household will be bulging on Saturday night.....hehe, bring it on!

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