Sunday 2 November 2008

Ghouls, witches and more

I went to my first Irish hen party! A very tame affair when compared to the Brits who fly over the pond to Temple Bar for an entire weekend of clucking...and chucking, that would be chucking the drink in, and if the streets of Temple Bar are anything to go by, chucking it back out again too. Anyhoo...this was with a group of work colleagues and after dressing her up in much finery, we proceeded to eat drink and be merry. Malcolm had gone off with a few of his work mates for drinks and once they had all headed to their Halloween parties Malcolm came over and met up with us for the rest of the evening.
At 02h00 I (yes I) sensibly decided to call it a night and we found ourselves battling to get a taxi and contending with a downpour which found us cowering at a bus shelter waving frantically at any taxi until one took pity on us!

I had good reason for bowing out early on Friday - Derrick and Rose's Halloween/housewarming/birthday about multi-tasking! We were all to get dressed up and go knocking on their door for food, drink, terror and fun at
20h00! The kids had shopped and plotted for a whole day and turned into undercover FBI school girls while I was lucky enough to pick up a pair of dark and light grey striped pajamas which worked well as a prisoner/convict outfit. We went shopping for Malcolm on Saturday morning but of course everything was long gone so we put together an ice hockey player outfit for him (think Jason - in the hockey mask - but only showing his good side...who can tell me what scary movie that was by the way?) and I offered to give him some cuts and bruises but he declined. Well pictures speak a 1000 words so here are a few to share!


Tracy said...

He he sounds like you had a ball!!!! Put the pictures up on your facebook please!! LOTS

We went to timberland and Savannnah won one of the best dressed - she was a spider, too cute!
Love you xxx

Melanie said...

What a cute convict :)

Natalie said...

Ditto on the pic's then Miss!!! I will load some onto Face Book, just manically busy with no time to myself at the moment! Even the post was done at 23h00 last night!

Ah thanks Mel!

Tracy said...

Hey maybe if you checked my facebook, you would see that I posted a few extra albums!!!!

Rose said...

I love the photos Natalie, you will have to tell Malcolm to put some of the ten million photos he took up on facebook, thanks for making the party such a success it definitly was a night to remember and of course the 6 hours I spent cleaning on Sunday, but they say the longer it takes to clean the better the party was!!! Bob is now looking for his fee for scaring the poor kids ;-) I still have to do my post - I was thinking of calling it "'cause I'm always in the kitchen at parties" ...