Thursday 30 October 2008


Another Friday is already upon us and it is time for another song! On my exploratory visit to YouTube, listening to some Edie Brickell and then moving on to REO Speedwagon this song came up on the side. It brought back memories of my teenage years, going to the school "social" getting ready in the hostel/boarding house, heading across to the school hall for the big night and hoping that HE (whoever he happened to be at the time!) would ask me to dance....while a song like this was playing!

Foreigner - I wanna know what love is.


Lizle said...

WHAT a goodie!

Melanie said...

oh my bleeding heart... this makes me remember how I always the one standing on the sidelines at the dance. It got even worse when I and the only boy in school who never got dates for the matric dance ended up going together just because there was no one else. THANK GOODNESS those days are over.

Natalie said...

Lizle...Hee hee, it is hey brings back LOTS of memories!!!

Melanie - And if they could see you now they would hold their heads and shout why did I not ask her...but I still think you must be exaggerating, you have always been bootiful!!!