Thursday 9 October 2008


I am falling apart. I have torn my calf muscle, and in a very public place...running across the road after work in a rush to get home. So bad in fact that I found myself sitting at a bus stop for 20 minutes waiting for Malcolm to collect me. A bus stop that I could only get to by HOPPING..yes really, across the road. I could NOT walk the last 5 minutes home, and I sat there in a panic as to what I had done to myself. Luckily we got into to see a physio that evening and she did some tests by squeezing my calf and determined that the muscle was torn but not severed...thank goodness. She told us to use the rice method... rest, ice, compression and elevate booked me off work for a week and made an appointment to see her at 3:30 today.

I was mortified, I did not think I would have to miss work...worst of all was the wisecrack I had made as my boss walked out at 17h00...I had told him that I would see him tomorrow if I felt like coming in, one of the other guys was on leave and another of our team members was sick, hence the and my big mouth.

Luckily I still had some anti inflammatory pills from my pinched nerve (fine by the way) and the physio suggested I take them. This morning I took a couple of them and 2 pain killers and felt decidedly light headed and faint, later while reading the prescription I realised that I had double dosed on the anti inflams....oops. I saw the physio and she worked her magic for me and will do so again tomorrow. This had better be the last episode of strange happenings regarding my nerves and muscles...oh and bones and whatever else too.

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