Thursday 2 October 2008

Humpty Dumpty..or Kirstin's Fall?

Sunday was a successful day, I felt that finally everything was falling into place and my organising skills were on top form. I got the house cleaned -with the help of Malcolm and then got all the grocery shopping done and still found time to go down to Dundrum with the girls. I suggested we walk as it was a beautiful day and all went well until the return leg of our journey. Kirstin was walking a little ahead of us with Jess and she decided to jump onto the wall and literally all we saw were legs as she hurtled head first over the edge into the bushes. My heart was in my throat because I thought that it was a long drop but luckily it was very low and although she scratched her face, her knee and hurt her arm nothing was broken. We sat on the wall a while my pounding heart returned to normal pumping action while I just hugged her and then we dusted her off and continued on our walk. We got home and I made a chicken salad for dinner and then we watched P.S. I love you…not sure what all the hype was about, I did not think it was that great. It was a relaxing end to a fantastic weekend, until I got into bed and could not sleep that is! I finally went to la la land at 01h30 after a very frustrating few hours, I hope these sleepless nights are going to come to an end soon!


Tracy said...

Mmmmm I know all about sleepless nights!!! Horrible!

Tracy said...

Shame Poor Kirsty!! I think you got such a fright with that wall cause of what happened when we were kids on Leisure Island!!

Remember when we were running and jumped over that very low wall that was not so low on the other side!!!!! Hee Hee - I think that was the night that Gina wet her pants

Tracy said...

I have a friday song for you - Beautiful Day by U2

Natalie said...

When we used to get up to all sorts of nonsense when mom thought we were safely in our beds...innocent fun though! Although not fun for the frustrated people we were using for our amusement!!
Funny you suggest that song - I have thought of putting it on too! Will have to add it to the list, may choose off the list if nothing else catches my attention...I think the problem is that embedding code may be disabled on youtube, will check it out!