Thursday 2 October 2008

The Nerve

I woke up at 04h00 this morning in excruciating pain. The upside is that I had actually had a good nights sleep up until that point, the downside...I literally could NOT move. I really do not think I am a drama queen or wimp but I actually had to wake Malcolm up as the pain was causing me to breathe a bit funny, almost like I was tired from a run. He picked me up and turned me onto my side and the pain eased ever so slightly, the worst of it concentrated a little below and behind my left shoulder blade. I took a couple of Nurofen and after a while fell asleep again (YAYA!!). This morning Malcolm absolutely insisted that I go to the doctor and I knew that I could not have another night like that and it was the sensible thing to do. The strange thing is that it is worse when I lie down, during the day while I am out and about I get a sudden pain explosion that causes me to catch my breath but then it goes away again and I get on with my day, hence not going to the doctor when this all started on Sunday.
The doctor I saw was a S.A. woman so we had lots to talk about besides my painful left shoulder but she finally came to the conclusion that 1. My posture is all wrong, my left side slopes down a bit and 2. I have a pinched nerve. She suggested I try the egoscue technique for righting my posture and has referred me to a doctor who I can go and see. She also prescribed me a nice little cache of drugs so I get my first foray into the world of Valium, apparently it will help me relax the muscles at night and eventually the nerve will work its way free...kinda like Willy the whale! I am very relieved that there is such a simple explanation for it and I also think I am going to be sleeping much, much better for the next few nights!


Melanie said...

enjoy your v. induced sleep :) We are off to Northern Arizona for the weekend. Can't wait. It's gonna be cold brrrr!! lot's of wine and smores :)

Natalie said...

...and snuggling! Have fun!!!