Tuesday 28 October 2008

A Cry For Help

Blogging was my first way of communicating with the outside world when we moved to Ireland. I discovered other blogs that made me laugh and cry, there are so many wonderful blogs out there but obviously with limited time I had to cut down on who I visit. One of the people that I knew I could not stop popping in to see is K8. Her writing is inspirational - she has the ability to make you laugh and cry and has such soul. I remember reading about her son and wanting to call her and offer to help in some way, silly I know, especially as she has a great family support base and I am sure she would have thought my offer bizarre, but I was not working at the time and looked at my easy way of life and was humbled. She is now asking for help and I am compelled to do this tiny little thing to raise awareness for the plight of St Catherine's. Please read this link A CRY FOR HELP and do what you can, even better, tell your company that it would be a great charity to support at Christmas time, together we can make a difference!

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Anonymous said...

Such lovely writings :') Thank you so much for your traffic on this... I noticed a few clicks in my analytics yoke from here - I really appreciate it.

Help comes in funny forms, y'know? Even what seems to be the greatest help can actually holding you back, when the real help is just in the form of a listening ear or form of distraction!

I like distraction.

Happy All Hallows!!! Boo.