Tuesday 4 December 2007

Needles and creepy crawlies

My tree has been liberated from the confines of the stocking (net) it has been sitting in, and is taking up a lot of room in the lounge. Martin kindly cut the trunk for me and did a sterling job of keeping it straight, I hate to think of what it would have looked like had I given it a go. I did get out the drill, the tree needs a hole in the bottom, middle of the trunk to screw in the stand. I certainly learned a few lessons in the process. Most important one, the drill bit gets hot. Friction I realised as I tried to wipe saw dust off of the drill bit after my magnificent attempt at drilling required hole. I screwed in the stand, dragged the tree through the house to the lounge and managed to erect it all by myself, happy little lass was I! Then I snipped away the offensive net stocking and out sprung my voluminous tree. Unfortunately some of the branches were touching the floor so out came the bread knife. What? It was all I had! It rose to the challenge and I got through all the branches in no time. And then I saw the needles and the creepy crawlies, the floor was MOVING with them, I had been under the tree head and all and my scalp is still itchy. I swept them all up and got rid of them posthaste, I am sure there are still a million of them living in the tree. I have put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign as I would rather they remain where they are than start looking for new accommodation in other parts of my house. Now I shall share some before and after pictures of my spruced up specimen. I know we still need some glittery bits but I had such fun finding a place for all my little treasures on the tree.


English Mum said...

Gorgeous! You clever old thing - you'll be knocking up bookshelves and servicing the car next!! xx

TheRuleClan said...

What? And let Malcolm sit on the couch and watch telly? No, I think I am going to keep my handyman status to myself thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

The tree looks wonderful, Well done Natalie!