Monday 3 December 2007


Remember those U-G-L-Y hamsters the kids got 2 weeks ago? Well now we have oh about 7 hamsters. Yep Jessica chose a hamster "with child", or should I say children? They were born today and discovered about an hour ago, tiny, tiny little pink things. I have even tried to take pictures of them and if I was successful I will add them to this post, little Miss Techno genius over here has not learned how to upload pictures from the camera to the computer, got to make Malcolm feel useful and powerful, you know the whole hunter gatherer protector thing? Do you know that if pappa hamster was in there with her she could be having her next litter in 20 days, the saying should be "Life's a hamster" not life's a b*tch. But Pappa hamster may be her brother, we really do not know, eeuww. This will cause another set of problems as of course with in breeding we will have deformed hamsters, oh please please don't let that happen. Also we have to separate the males from the females at 4 weeks, can you believe it, breed like rats they do. He he. After this litter my job is done and I think Kirstin can chose a female from the litter and the pet shop in Blackrock can take back the male that they assured us was female. I should have listened to Kirstin and Jessica, after checking out the Internet they insisted that Kirstin had a male hamster. I decided to chance it as they do live in separate cages and we keep them apart. I have learned my lesson, female + female = no more hamsters. I have just removed the cage from Jessica's bedroom as she and Kirstin are going to be exhausted tomorrow from all the peaking. I made the image small because in my experience if you click on the image it will enlarge. When I add large pictures clicking on the image does nothing! I refer to Miss Techno genius status for any further enquiries


English Mum said...

Oh that's so funny!! You're a Mummy all over again :0)

Oh, we SO need pics!! xx

TheRuleClan said...

There you go englishmum, just for you! Pic's of the new babes and as of now still all going strong, phew!