Monday 3 December 2007

Scottish Invasion

Well that is what my father-in-law is calling it and I guess he is right. I just call it a lot of people staying in our house for 2 nights (who happen to have Scottish blood running through their veins!). We are lucky enough to have the folks visiting us for Christmas. This is great as it is obviously also our first Christmas away from home. We are already getting prepared...well shopping for things we like to decorate the tree and table for Christmas fridge is too small to actually buy food so that will have to be done on a daily basis! Luckily we can keep the beer, wine and Guinness in the backyard as it is nice and chilly now! Probably all manner of refrigerated goods will spend some time on my back step in the near future! I am actually thinking of getting a plastic drawer set just for the purpose of outdoor refrigeration. Of course it does also have to drop a few degrees or I might have health and safety on my back or a lot of very sick guests and only 3 bathrooms...
Anyway, I can't wait. I am racking my brain about what to cook because we will have 7 adults and 2 kids, it is only for 2 days which makes it a doddle. If I still had all my kitchen paraphernalia from S.A it would be easier as I had loads of pots, platters, lasagne dishes etc. I am now horribly limited so unfortunately I may have to add to my growing collection of dishes again. Oh woe is me. He he he.

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