Monday 27 April 2009

Showers that don't make you wet

We have a mini baby boom going on with our SA friends, yep two of my fellow Africans in Dublin are pregnant, a baby boom because our circle is kinda small, and if you count it in couples the percentage is high :)


I decided to throw Kelly a small intimate baby shower to celebrate the coming of their bouncy boy or girl. A brunch was my choice for the late morning gathering and a very surprised Kelly walked in to find smiling familiar faces.
Hours before I had been manically mixing spooning and pressing out muffins and scones while Jessica and Carla went about blowing up balloons and hanging banners.

I had managed to make a makeshift (okay, okay) wash line and hung some baby clothes from it in the lounge and once Carla, Jess and Kirstin had completed the look with pink, blue and cream balloons, changed all the items on the mantle piece for fluffy toys and it looked very much like it was supposed to!
Everyone brought along something tasty to add to the groaning table and much fun ensued.

I had asked everyone to bring pictures from their baby days and we had great fun asking Kelly to guess...
I also bought safety pins and Lisa managed to collect the most safety pins from people who said the "word that was not allowed to be said" - B-A-B-Y.
We also all had a go with a pair of scissors and a ball of string to guess the circumference of Kellys bump!
Lisa brought pin the dummy on the baby which was also loads of fun and a fabulous idea.

For once we did not allow the kids to hijack the lounge but we STILL managed to sit around in the open area by the kitchen! Now guess what we were talking about here....

Kirstin wrote a about 20 minutes and here it is:

Babies bring excitement and joy

Will it be a baby girl or baby boy?

Picking out a high chair, stroller and crib

Then baby bottles, dummies and bib.

Dirty fingers, crayoned walls,

Shouting and screaming in the malls.

Fairies, princesses dinosaurs and more

T Rex, fairy tales and folk lore.

Cowboys and Indians boys will play,

In the sunshine every day.

Crowns and fairy princess dress

for the girls with very little mess.

Little fingers, little toes

What it will be nobody knows.


Lizle said...

Lovely poem, Kirst.

Celticmom said...

How sweet :-) I made the mistake of telling my son that his granny (MIL) didnt think we should have a baby shower for the new baby (it being my second, never mind my first is 5 years old and I have zero baby stuff), now he has decided that Granny doesnt like babies, eeek!

Tracy said...

She is as talented at writing poetry as you are at writing in general xxxx stunning baby shower xx

Natalie said...

Lizle - Thanks (from Kirstin) and... It is cute hey! (from me) glad to see you finding a spare minute, work settling down?

Celticmom - Shock and horror!!! Have a baby shower, you only get to have a couple of those in a lifetime...I think he should tell granny what he thinks...maybe then she will have to organise it for you!!!!

Tracy- Ah thanks! I dunno about my writing though, I read it and it is just rather ordinary really, you are biased!!!

Irishlemon said...

Thanks for such a special day!!! I loved it :-)