Friday 17 April 2009

Yes Man

I know it is only April BUT the funniest movie so far this year is Yes Man. We have just finished watching it and it is laugh out loud funny. Not since Dumb and Dumber...okay and Wedding Crashers have I laughed so the worst thing is to get a rave review for a movie, watch it and not find it I hope that does not happen after my gushing optimism...but I think Jim Carry is on top form.
Yes it may not all be clever funny but it is good for a laugh..and a few sit up and "maybe we should do that" moments too!


Anonymous said...

Nice one! I passed that on the shelves and wondered. But, ended up with 'Burn after reading' instead which was excellent... really dark humour with gratuitous Brad Pitt loveliness.

Natalie said...

Ooohhh I had Burn after reading in my paw too! I will take it out next time! No dark humour in Yes Man...typical Hollywood in a way and was not expecting too much but it really was funny!