Thursday 30 April 2009

The Vase

When we were living in New York we invited a couple to our home for dinner after having enjoyed an evening at their place. They arrived and the wife handed over a box from Pottery Barn, not the usual bottle of wine, chocolates or flowers but a beautiful frosted red/brown vase.
For some reason I am affected every time I see that vase. What is it about it? I have no idea, the bearer of the gift is a lovely person but we have no contact, in fact that dinner was the last time I ever saw them.
But something happens inside me when I see that flower receptacle...a lifting of my spirit, a tug deep inside. It is peaking out from the top of my kitchen cupboard in one of the pictures I put on my blog and even there in the picture it caught my eye. I am not a hoarder or a gatherer, am not over sentimental about THINGS but I cannot bear the though of ever losing that vase. Weird.


Tracy said...

So where is a picture of this vase??? Hm... I get that feeling when I look at the painting of a vase of flowers that Gran painted for me ... I have a small collection of her work, but that particular picture just seems to bring my kitchen to life and when I look at it, my heart skips a beat xx

Celticmom said...

Oooh, I would love to see a pic of the vase too. But you know what, I suspect it is a normal looking vase, its the sentiment behind it, being such an unusual hostess gift. :-) No new blogs this week?

Natalie said...

Hello you two! In the third photo from the baby shower there is a vase sitting on top of the kitchen cabinet - small and inconsequential looking, never mind obscured by the lip of the cabinet...will have to fill it with flowers and take a real photograph! But yes Celticmom, it is really just a vase! Please send me a link to your blog!!!

Celticmom said...

Hi Natalie, if you click on my name above my comment, my blog is linked :-)