Wednesday 8 April 2009

Things I am grateful for today

The budget is the budget. Everybody is complaining BUT how can I? Yes I have to pay more, but that is because I have a JOB. I do think that justice needs to be served and assets need to be seized BUT I have decided to keep looking on the bright side, like the cocktail I had last week.... a sunny disposition!

First - My children, I am so enjoying that wake up cuddle and being here with them while they are on holiday

Second - Sheena. I was having my usual self doubt about this silly little blog, a total of 10 visitors today - and I would not mind except that none of them were NOT from home...sniff.
I sat here looking at my blog and just thought how much easier it would be to go onto my dashboard and hit delete. No more stress. Then I got an email from Sheena asking for my blog address...I am a strong believer in signs so enough said.

Third - Sunny skies and a 15 degree reading from my car, in a t-shirt right now!

Fourth - My self indulgent day, a pedicure and french paint - love looking at my toes in my brightly striped slip slops.

Fifth - My new fabric softener...I have just washed my new hoodie and cannot wait to pull it over my head and take a deep breath through my nose!

Sixth - Hockey game tonight against the men's Vets team and a dinner afterwards.

And last but by no means least a great weather forecast for our trip - 20 degrees on Friday!!!! Saturday it drops by 2 but that is still fantastic....I am soooooo excited!!!!!!


Sheena said...

Go Girl!

I have just finished a marathon read - 2008 to today!!!

You lead a busy active life, and felt quite intimidated to even think I could start a blog but I also read K8 and that's such a different kind of I believe that there is something in everyone that can inspire others!!!

WELL DONE Nats!!! You're an inspiration to this deaf workaholic whose highlight is taking her son to his Kendo training!!!!

lots of love

CelticMom said...

Nooooo, dont delete your blog!! I actually come on here 3 times a day usually, so I wonder why it doesnt show that I came from south africa. I am so looking forward to moving to Ireland next april, and excited about the baby in november. I have my own blog on Parent24, and I also notice that my views are way higher than my comments, which is why I try to leave a comment for everyone. Chin up, I am sure things will pick up again.

Natalie said...

Sheena - Wow! I am glad you read K8, I think she is an awesome writer, some of her stuff can make you cry, she is a inspiration and when I read her blog I realise my writing is so ... novice? But yes we all blog for different reasons. If you start your own please send me the details!

CelticMom - Now I have to try and find your blog! Thanks for the comment and pep talk, I shall continue! Now I have to pack, as usual I have put myself under pressure by planning to visit with a friend this morning and a hair cut this afternoon and packing has now been moved forward considerably!

Melanie said...

I'm from home... just not showing up that way ... don't stop posting. You are my smile - I always count on you to cheer me up.
love and hugs to my lovely cuz!

Natalie said...

Oh Mel...thanks for that.