Thursday 9 April 2009

Wonderful friends

Last night we played our hockey game with the Vets men. We mixed it all up and I played froward, which I have not done in AGES. I was rather trepidacious as I have got rather comfortable at the back and the men are good and I am not sure they suffer fools gladly on the hockey pitch! That is why I have to make extra effort in the kitchen - like Nigella's rice pilaf with the curry Wendy made instead of stock standard boiled rice! I digress.
Left wing was my position last night and by some miracle the ball managed to find me while I was in the D and I scored TWO goals. I also got hit in the chest with the ball - really hard! The good thing is that I realised that it is less painful than I had imagined getting hit would be. After the game Bruce made a joke that I had been taking performance enhancing drugs, of course I was pleased with that comment because I certainly have come a long way since my first mixed game with them!
My friend Hillary also told me that she has freed up her morning so that we can walk up the Great Sugar Loaf today with the girls as she would love to meet them and I was really touched by that. Looks like the Sugar Loaf may not happen because rain is threatening but nothing is stopping us from the coffee and scones at Avoca anyway! I really have been so fortunate there are so many wonderful people in my life, here and back in South Africa. Lucky me.


Tracy said...

Sounds wonderful!!! When are you home???

Natalie said...

Hello! Got home Monday night at 22h30 - absolutely exhausted - somehow got through work on Tuesday and am feeling somewhat more human (but sick) today!

English Mum said...

Is trepidacious a word?! LOL xx

Natalie said... says it is?

Main Entry: trepidacious
Part of Speech: adj
Definition: afraid, fearful
Etymology: from trepidation 'fear, anxiety'

Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English
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