Tuesday 19 February 2008

Home is where the heart is

Home. What a week! The most amazing thing of all is that everyone looks the same. After 6 years I thought we would all have a few more lines, I know I do, but it was like I had been gone a week! That of course was the most thrilling part for me, I have to admit to some niggling concern with regard to seeing friends after so long and it truly was like we had never bee apart. The size of all the children I last saw was the only reminder of the years gone by. Babies were at school, ‘bumps’ were now little boys and little boys and girls were teenagers!
It really was a week of catching up and although I did get about 12 kg's worth of shopping done....in such a short span of time that a hold was placed on my credit card within an hour - oops! A quick call and a few security questions later and I was on my way again! It actually sounds a lot worse than it was, many of my purchases were birthday presents for my offspring and Jess had saved like mad in order to buy an Ipod and a Fossil watch because it really was a lot cheaper than getting it all in Dublin.
We went into Manhattan for brunch on Sunday, possibly the second coldest day, definitely the windiest...we went to a very popular spot on Madison Ave and 90th or 93rd street, I THINK...cannot remember the name, but I do know that Oprah rates their marmalade very highly!!!
The rest of the time was spent in the 'burbs', I did have flitting thoughts of going into Manhattan during the week but the weather kept me in my place!
I got to go to my favourite Mexican restaurant where we ate steak and cheese quesadillas, heaven in every mouthful, I promise. I am not sure what the heck they do to those little morsels but it is too divine! We also ordered fresh guacamole which they make at the table while you watch, halving and scooping the flesh from the avocado before your very eyes! Two margaritas later and I was ready for silly conversation!
Much food was consumed, the tightness of my clothes the only reminder, but with promises of more visits, people coming here and me going back with the girls, it was all very much worth it! And now I have to get some more washing in the machine….
I have to say that my family deserves a medal, hubby kept the home fires burning, did washing and ironing and my favourite eldest daughter took over as mother and bossed my favourite youngest daughter around like nobody's business, but also kept the house tidy and helped keep everyone's hunger at bay. Kirst took it all in her stride, got herself to school and back on the luas and even sometimes humoured her big sis by doing what she was told!!! So thank you family for giving me such a great oppurtunity!


Mom and Pom said...

Welcome Home, we missed you and it is so good to have you back. We are trhilled that you had such a great time. We love ya! Mom and Pom

TheRuleClan said...

Welcome to my comments! Glad to get a message from you!!!

English Mum said...

Natty Noo! So lovely to have you back - have missed your scribbles. So glad you have a good time..ooh and Mexican food too...droool! Now about those choccy buns... x