Wednesday 6 February 2008

Ta ta for now

I'm off in the morning, a week with no kids, no husband, no housework, no shopping, no washing, no nagging and and and. This has never happened to me before, the last time I left the hubby and kids was for a WEEKEND - a school reunion, IN THE SAME COUNTRY. I know it is only a week but suddenly seven days looks like forever.
I must be feeling guilty, yesterday the kids got pancakes, I made chocolate bread twister buns and a loaf of homemade bread too, all mighty delicious - now hopefully they will remember all hat and miss me while I'm gone!


Is it just me? said...

I bet they will miss you..we will.
Erm....can I have the recipe for those chocolate twist thingies?
Ta missus

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous time - you deserve it!

English Mum said...

Ooh, I second Isit with the request for the chocolate twist recipe please! Hope you had/are having a fab time! xx