Friday 1 February 2008

The One

As some of you may have read I am on the hunt for a job and I have finally found THE company I would like to work for. Unfortunately it would mean relocating to Boston, but I am sure Malcolm won't mind. I am going to ask Alan Shore for a job, they seem to have a fair bit of staff turnover but it looks like the best firm to work for.
Yes folks, it was the first episode of Series 4 Boston Legal. I wish there really was a company like that to work for, weird,whacky and full of heart. When Clarence did his dance in drag and Alan and Jerry were watching, with Jerry doing the obligatory hop it was a warm fuzzy moment for me, I sat there stupidly grinning at the TV. Then at the end, let's just say that Alan scrubs up good and pink is his best colour yet.


Scott said...

Boston sure sounds like a good town, and I am sure that the firm you speak of is a solid one. I think you should consider ALL of your potential co-workers. The first one that comes to mind is Denny Crane............
Just a thought. :)
Thanks for visiting my blog a few days back. Your comment made my day.

TheRuleClan said...

I think I can handle Denny...I will make sure to be gr8 friends with Alan, he will look after me! Boston is fantastic - was lucky enough to holiday there back in summer 2001. I love popping in and visiting, I may not always leave comments but I do check in, I am glad I made your day!!!