Wednesday 6 February 2008

Tears of Joy

This morning our family literally wept tears of joy. I got an email from a friend and this good news article was attached. It was such perfect timing because two nights ago Squirt was wondering if her prayers were ever going to be answered. She has been praying for Melissa every night since she heard the news of her cancer back in 2004. On the days that she gets to school early and has to go to the chapel service she always lights a candle for Melissa. I am dumbfounded as to the steadfast way Kirstin has kept Melissa in her thoughts and prayers. What a way for a little girl to find out that her prayers are heard, her face literally collapsed into tears and she just put her head on my chest and sobbed when I opened the article and showed it to her. I still remember the carefree camping trip the whole lot of us went on before Melissa got her diagnosis, because even though it was Melissa's disease to fight and none of us knew what to do or say it changed us all in a little way, made us aware of our mortality I guess. She has taught us all alot through her personal struggle and she certainly deserves to come out victorious at the other end.
Well done Melissa.

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Is it just me? said...

Eire, I have nothing but admiration for these incredibly strong amazing women.
My best friend is battling breast cancer as we speak and is the inspiration in my life.She has hope and she's stronger than she could ever have thought and I'm humbled in her presence.
Glad to hear your good news