Friday 1 February 2008

Irish Blog Awards

Well it is true, I have visited the site and seen my name there.
BLOG AWARDS Bizarre. There are very many excellent blogs on the list and I am humbled by the fact that someone took the time to actually pick ME. So a very big thank you to whoever you are, it really made my day! I am not that naive as to think that I will go further than this, but it has made my posting that little bit more worthwhile. I have impeccable taste in blogs too, most blogs I visit have been nomintated and often MORE THAN ONCE. Of course there are many more blogs on the list that I don't visit. I am a little nervous to start poking my nose around in some of the other nominees blogs, there really are only so many I can visit in a day.


Grannymar said...

I will lurk no more, but pop my head in to say hello and welcome to the world of nominees! Blogging is fun and we get to meet so many new friends.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm delighted for ya, it's a lovely buzz alright :) Good lucks!

I'm pretty nervous about browsing the other blogs too... there's some amazing stuff out there, and SO MANY of them to read! I feel for the judges, I really do.

TheRuleClan said...

Grannymar - Mmm did not know you were a lurker, mighty pleased to here it, but prefer you to pop your head in!

k8 - Yep, i never would have thought that i would have so much fun in the blogging world

Rose said...

Well done Natalie.

TheRuleClan said...

Thank ya muchly Rose!