Thursday 31 January 2008

Shocks and feathers

Today I dedicated the day to cleaning. I spend far too much time visiting my virtual friends and I knew that if I did not get stuck in Malcolm was going to have to put his foot down. This would be more uncomfortable for him and a slight irritation for me. I dusted, I vacuumed, I washed the kitchen floor and then decided to treat myself to a cup of coffee. Now, what goes better with a cup of coffee than homemade baked goods? You guessed it, a visit to my friends. First up was EM, and I laughed at her Lips and Arseholes post, left a comment and then was about to move on when something made me scroll down. Phew, lucky for me, she had done an extra post..she was nominated for the Irish Blog Awards, brilliant news, I love reading her blog and she certainly deserves it. She went on to tell us about a few other nominations, many of whom I enjoy that cup of coffee with, see I drink LOTS of coffee. And somehow in there my name appeared.
EM This is when I got thrown for a loop, knocked down with a feather and found myself in an absolute state of shock. I swear this was not something I even considered, I am pleased as punch to have received a nomination, just in a total state of zombieness at the moment. The list is LONG and my nomination was for the category "Best personal blog". I shall gather my thoughts and attempt another post later...for now congratulations to all nominees, would not even know where to begin to see them, that is why I need to pop back over to EM's place.


English Mum said...

Isn't it absurdly exciting!! I've never won a bloody thing in my life. Oh, wait, once I won ten quid on the lottery. But I dont even care if I win, it's just exciting enough to know that someone actually reads our twaddle! (well, mine's twaddle - yours is rather good) xx

TheRuleClan said...

Hey, don't steal my twaddle! Funny how we all think there are a million people out there who have better blogs than ours, I definitley prefer yours to mine! But yes, just to be nominated is enough for me!