Friday 11 January 2008

What to do for the BIG 4 0

Yep, hubby will be 40 on March 01 and I am already stressing. I have looked at flights back to S.A for us all, obviously that is where all our friends are, but once we pay for the flights there will be no money for a party! Malcolm does not know what he wants, fishing at Lake Kariba (alone), a visit to the swamps (again alone), a sojourn to Europe (with us), back to S.A. with a visit to the bush thrown in or NOTHING. He is SO busy at work he comes home exhausted and the last thing he wants to face is the Natalie inquisition. Do I just go ahead and surprise him or do I bite my tongue, grin and bare it? Now if we had won that lottery a month ago we would have no problem, in fact Malcolm and I had already decided on the party, the venue, the presents etcetera... argh!!!!!!!!

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