Tuesday 15 January 2008

Muddling to school

Ah Kirstin, my favourite youngest daughter. She only has to go to school an hour after M and J leave, so she likes to get a little extra lie in. Of course by the time she is ready to go to school the roads are choked with cars and her bicycle is the best mode of transport to the luas.
We have tried using my car, a requirement when it is raining. This results in us sitting in the car for 25 minutes with me stressing that she may be late, (not much stresses Kirstin) then I find (now know) a safe place to turn around and she jumps out and legs it, as we are still nowhere near the luas which, by the way, is 1.5km's from our house!
This morning I had a marvelous idea, we would walk together, it would give us Q time, I would get some exercise and K would be safely deposited at the luas station by moi. K did not seem so keen, she likes riding because it only takes 5 minutes whereas walking is about 18 minutes. She went to brush her teeth and came wondering back downstairs having decided that walking with me was not such a bad idea after all, unfortunately due to her lack of pace, and the fact that her hair still needed to be done, it was too late and she had to ride her bike.
The next trick up her sleeve was trying to fit a razor scooter in her back pack. Time is ticking and I am getting flustered, then relieved when she realizes that the scooter idea is not practical. Finally many kisses, blowing kisses and loud mwah noises from behind the wall getting softer, she is on her way! Peace, relief that she will not be late and I am ready for my second cup of coffee. 08:33…the phone rings, this is great news – it means Kirstin is at the luas, but wait this is not a dropped call as it is still ringing. “Mom, guess what?” and I just knew what she had done, left her bicycle lock at home. In the boot of my car to be precise, when she was trying to fit the scooter in her bag! She starts school at 09h00, it suddenly dawned on me that M’s bike is available so I hopped on the bike with her lock and raced down to the luas, in the end I did get some exercise; in patience among other things. My baby girl, lucky I love her. By the way, she actually made it to school on time – JUST.


Anonymous said...

Fair play! I have a funny feeling I'm not going to be very good at the whole 'rushing for school in the morning' thing!

Anonymous said...

hehe never a dull moment in the mornings I bet :-)

TheRuleClan said...

K8 you're Irish - you are allowed to be rushing, somehow the Irish make it look good!
Conortje - Yep no time to get upset about Mondays or Januaries in this house ;)