Wednesday 9 January 2008

The Defender

As some of you know I joined a hockey club late last year, which is pure lunacy considering I am lazy, unfit and not a hockey player. So when i got the text calling for reinforcements for the game on Monday night I hesitated BRIEFLY. I looked out the window and saw menacing clouds lurking near the mountains and just knew it would be cold and unpleasant. But when i say i am going to do something and people are depending on me I have to take a deep breath and just do it. So I bundled up into many layers, wore my ear protection head band woolly thingy, gloves and set off at 19h00 with a heavy step.
I got there a wee bit early, bad habit of mine, and sat in my car watching the trees being bullied and shoved around in the wind. I had a little chat to myself about the insanity of what I was about to do. I even kind of hoped that half of ANY of the teams would not pitch and then we could all shake our relieved heads and go home to the comfy couch and just listen to the wind whistling away outside. Of course this is Ireland, what's a bit of rain, wind and cold? We had MORE than enough players, Melissa and I even got to huddle in the dug out for about 10 minutes and then horror of horrors I got called in and was sent to centre back. I was not really too sure about what was required of me so I ran about like a headless chicken for a while. So far I have only played left wing and they were friendly games not a proper MATCH. I asked for some basic directions, where I could go, what I was supposed to do...who I was marking and got stuck in. The cold was no longer a problem and I actually cleared the ball out of the circle and as we had no goal keeper that was very appreciated. I stuck to my mark most of the time which I found rather embarrassing, I wanted to introduce myself and have a chat but I think she was probably a bit irritated by me following her everywhere. I know that this is kind of what is expected but really! I got in a few tackles and even won the ball a couple of times, turn a blind eye to the fact that I hit it directly back to a different opposition player...
All in all I had a fabulous game, felt rather useful and all that running around in the cold air made me feel that little bit fitter and healthier! I am looking forward to my game next Friday come rain or shine, attack or defence.

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