Thursday 3 January 2008

I want to blog but am not in the MOOD

Mmmm yes a very bad day for moi. I will be honest here, I just changed out of my pj's, after a wonderful hot bubble bath. I have not been sleeping well and almost snuck downstairs at about midnight to blog because no matter what tricks I tried Mr Sandman was not paying me any attention, perhaps that has contributed to the melancholy mood I have found myself in today. I was not going to bore anyone with the details, but then I realised that I can write about what I want and generally my blog is fairly therapeutic. Also the reason I am feeling yuk is that I miss my friends and family. I guess having gone through the festive season highlighted how alone we are AND we were lucky enough to have Malcolm's folks with us this year! Also in South Africa most people take leave and go away for a wonderful long holiday so my inbox has been deserted. Luckily for me (certainly not Lizle) one of my friends was at work after Christmas and I did get a couple of emails which kept me from the brink of tears! Selfish? shhhhh.
So to all my family and friends I dedicate this post of misery to you, because you really should be flattered that I spent the day moping around and missing you all!!! And yes, thanks I am now feeling a more upbeat post coming you all!!!!

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