Saturday 12 January 2008

Facing the music

I was dreading walking through the door. I knew that those pounds I had run away from so long ago had come home to roost, just not sure how many had taken residence.
Thoughts of all the wonderful things that had passed my lips during the festive season made my fears rampant. The wine! The chocolates! Christmas pudding! I also knew that if I did not go back and face the scales matters would only get worse, so I dragged my now bigger bum over to the weight watchers meeting. Standing in the very long line waiting to get weighed was very therapeutic, I was not alone, far from alone in fact, as everybody miserably stood there telling tales of woe. Finally my turn, deep breath, a word of warning to my WW leader and up on the scales to face my demons. 2.5 pounds! I was expecting 5, at least, not too bad, and now I am thinking of the few times I did say no, stopped myself eating this or that and I guess just knowing that I was on the program has actually made a difference. Full steam ahead with a resolution…I will get to my goal weight, 1 more stone, plus the pesky 2.5 pounds from Christmas, and there will be less of me which will be good to see! Hee hee.

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