Thursday 31 January 2008

A bit much?

Yes perhaps it is a few too many posts in one day, but so much inspiration and I just had to share the fact that it is SNOWING!!!! For us Southern Hemisphere folk this IS a big deal. I nearly had a heart attack and missed the whole thing, Kirstin was gazing out the window as she is wont to do when she is doing her homework and next thing she was shrieking her little head off, I thought there was some strange person at the back door. I leapt off my chair and did a confused pirouette thingy to look out the window just to see rain beating on the glass. And then I noticed that mixed among the rain was all this fluffy stuff, not enough to stick, anyway it is too wet, but I got some pic's and we jumped around like loons for a bit, admiring the snow flakes on our fleecy tops ;)


English Mum said...

Ah, but did you get any rabbit shaped snow? Thought not ;-) x

Is it just me? said...

Don't mind EM and her rabbit-shaoed snow..they're just posh in Cavan!..we're lucky to get any snow in this rain-sodden country!..